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What are the benefits to working with a staffing agency?(As an Employer)

​While there may be many benefits that staffing agencies provide  that might not be discussed here. The most important ones would be the convenience a staffing agency could provide a company such as doing the  hiring, firing, and pay-rolling such as paying payroll taxes, unemployment taxes, provide checking direct deposit, etc.  

Another great benefit a staffing agency might provide would be the flexibility to hire many people in a short period time in sudden increase in production or business needs. The same applies to when business gets slow and you would need a reduction in staff. The Staffing agency handles all of the interactions and communication with the hiring and firing process.

 Also, it provides companies a test ground to try out new employees to see if they have what it takes to work at your company before committing to long term employment with new employee "try before you buy".

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